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  1. I’m having issues with my brand new load and go dripping detergent on my
    Clean clothes after they have been washed, it’s seems to be dripping from the dispenser. Also we have done a lot of laundry and the dispenser is still super full and says it’s 100% capacity, I feel like it should be getting lower since I am washing several loads a day. Also
    Clothes don’t smell clean still
    Smell dirty l am not happy with this washer at all. I recommend not buying this, I wish I had gotten a speed Queen instead

  2. Washer whirlpool model WTW7120HW less than 2 years old lost all power during washing cycle. Lid was locked with no way to get wet clothes out. Called repair man and he stated it was one of the circuit boards but wasn’t sure which one. Could order part out of California for $344 and it may or may not fix problem. I chose to put the washer on the curb and buy new washer without all the bells and whistles.

  3. My brand new washer’s load and go doesn’t seem to be working as well. I pulled it out and noticed the O-ring was mashed out of place. I got it seated back in the grove like it should be. I went through all the controls so know how to disable/enable and how to set the amount of detergent to dispense. I too was thinking it was working and noticed my clothes didn’t have a clean smell and dispenser level was not changed. I have since started adding detergent manually until I can hopefully get problem resolved.

  4. I have the same issues with the load and go. My detergent level is still the same after maybe 20 washes or more. I checked for clogging or any other issues that I can think of but no help. I started doing manually the old school way. I noticed many people have similar issues. Is there a fix for this or did I buy a defective machine?

  5. My Brand new load and go doesn’t seem to dispense the detergent. I turned it up to 10x and still no appreciable amount of suds. I was a big Whirlpool fan due to previous machine but this machine is being me to tears. So frustrating given that I have already exchanged the first machine. Is the soap dispenser a major defect?

  6. I’m having the same problems with all other reviews. Soap dispensers not doing its job. Did everything that I could do to troubleshoot it. Clothes doesn’t smell clean and dispenser hasn’t gone down after so many washes. It’s less than 6 months since I purchased it.

  7. I am also having the same problem as other reviews. The detergent dispenser fills up with water, so the level never goes down after many washes. The load and go refill light only comes on when I put the cartridge in empty. Yes, initially I’ve filled it with the proper type, and level of detergent, and made sure the dispenser door was properly closed. Is this concern being addressed?

  8. is it possible to use the load and go feature without having a pedestal, but with a water pan? Seems like it’s positioned in an area that this isn’t an option. I want to stack my washer and dryer, but I’m not sure I can do.

  9. Can I just say that I hate this machine. My problem is that it consistently puts way too much detergent out. It’s days are numbered.

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