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  1. I just purchased a new top load LG washing machine. The water level as determined by the washing machine does not get the load completed wet. How can the clothes possibly be washed? I find not being able to adjust the water level in the normal wash cycle to be a totally unacceptable feature and for this reason alone I will never purchase another LG washing machine.

    1. I agree I will never get a LG again going to stick with Maytag! I’m thinking about selling it and getting another machine, only had it 6 months and already don’t like it!

      1. I have the same. I will never buy a LG washer again. I’ve had it only a few months and it has a 10 yr warranty. It will probably last the full 10 years. I’m thinking of buying a different one also

    2. I also hate my LG Top load inverter. My clothes get destroyed in the LG. I can wash towels, bedding etc… but not clothing. My clothes have a billion wrinkles and the water lever is terrible unless I use the water plus feature. After ruining hundreds of dollars of clothing, I just take them to the local laundry and they come out if their washers perfect. I didn’t learn my lesson. Got a Fridge to and the temp hovers around 40 degrees. I am afraid we are going to get sick. The Fridge says 32 but my temp gage says 40 and 42. No more LG’s for me.

    3. I have the same problem. My clothes are not clean. I put a pajama top in the washer with toothpaste on it it came out with toothpaste on it. I can smell body order still in my clean clothes. I am with you on the fact that the water doesn’t cover the clothes. I will never buy another LG product. I make sure I tell everyone how awful this washer is. When I had to buy a new dishwasher it was not a LG. When I finish paying for the dishwasher I will have to purchase a new washer. I am retired on a fixed income and this is a hardship for me.

      1. I searched LG. TO RAISE WATER LEVEL IN LG and you can if you have water plus. I hated my machine which I feel was ruining my clothes and sheets dragging them across the tub bottom. It works now.

  2. Purchased LG 5.3 last week and two loads didn’t get wet completely. Also with the small to medium loads the clothes are spun up on the sides and the rinse water squirts mostly in the center and does not rinse the bulk of the load…
    Sent it back to Costco the same day. Plenty of water was going in because of the warm water was on. This is bad news because most top loaders have auto sensors and no water adjustment. Surprisingly the cheaper GE. and Matags have manual setting for water and other needs. Engineer’s are idiots doing the bidding of California and no water inflicted policy. Just spit in the washer, it might work better. Top loaders will disappear because this bull crap. Message from the TWILIGHT ZONE!

  3. I do not like this LG either! There is no reason why they can’t put on a separate setting so a person can put in their own water level!!!! U can’t get clothes clean WITHOUT water in the machine! The people who designed this are nuts! I should have gotten a Speed Queen or Maytag

  4. I watch all the ads for having ” “clean smelling clothes” and the simple solution is using enough water to rinse out the dirt and detergent. All “energy plus” machines have the same issue. I have removed the top of mine and adjusted the screw on the inlet, it’s plastic, so do it with care. But it still doesn’t fill as much as I want due to the COMPUTER settings. But it does help. In future I will find an older machine and have serviced to new condition and save money on a 1500.00 machine and laundry deodorizer.
    It’s ridiculous.

  5. Its amazing with so many complaints the LG people have not responded to fix up any complaints , recently I bought a top loader LG . unable to fix the water level for quick wash cycle. If the clothes are not fully soaked in the water how will it get cleaned

  6. My clothes are not getting clean in my new LG washer. The problem is not enough water. I’m really disappointed as I did much research to find a good washing machine. I always have to add the extra rinse to get more odor-free sheets, towels and clothes. I sure wish I had bought a Speed Queen or a used older Kenmore.

  7. My clothes don’t get clean either. I must wash everything on the heavy duty cycle and I still have smelly clothes. It takes water to clean clothes. If I must wash my clothing twice, what have we saved. That’s before I mention it taking an hour and a half to get through the washing cycles. It used to only take 30 minutes before these high efficiency machines came about. Time to buy an antique washer.

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