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  1. I just purchased a new top load LG washing machine. The water level as determined by the washing machine does not get the load completed wet. How can the clothes possibly be washed? I find not being able to adjust the water level in the normal wash cycle to be a totally unacceptable feature and for this reason alone I will never purchase another LG washing machine.

    1. I agree I will never get a LG again going to stick with Maytag! I’m thinking about selling it and getting another machine, only had it 6 months and already don’t like it!

      1. I have the same. I will never buy a LG washer again. I’ve had it only a few months and it has a 10 yr warranty. It will probably last the full 10 years. I’m thinking of buying a different one also

  2. Purchased LG 5.3 last week and two loads didn’t get wet completely. Also with the small to medium loads the clothes are spun up on the sides and the rinse water squirts mostly in the center and does not rinse the bulk of the load…
    Sent it back to Costco the same day. Plenty of water was going in because of the warm water was on. This is bad news because most top loaders have auto sensors and no water adjustment. Surprisingly the cheaper GE. and Matags have manual setting for water and other needs. Engineer’s are idiots doing the bidding of California and no water inflicted policy. Just spit in the washer, it might work better. Top loaders will disappear because this bull crap. Message from the TWILIGHT ZONE!

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